2015-17 USASF Cheer Rules Update

An updated version of the 2015-17 Cheer Rules is now available. The date on this release is August 27, 2015 and the intent is to clear up any questions raised at the summer Regional Meetings. There are 2 versions available. One is the “Commented” version, which shows what was added and removed, along with comments on the side explaining why some of the changes were made.

Commented Version (PDF)

The other is the “Clean” version, which only shows the final result of the changes from last season.

Clean Version (PDF)

With this release the Rules and Glossary have been combined into one document.

It will take several days to update the Rules pages on this site, so be sure to check the “Based on” date near the beginning of each Rules page to see if it’s been updated yet.

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