Clarification – 1/4 Turn T-Jump Back Handspring

This clarification is a follow up to one of our earlier quizzes about 1/4 Turn T-Jump Back Handsprings. Most voters were correct in stating this is legal starting in Level 2. To get to this answer you’ll need to know a standing back handspring is legal in Level 2 and look at a couple glossary definitions.

I believe most people calling this combination illegal in Level 2 would point to Standing Tumbling C:

Jump skills in immediate combination with handspring(s) are not allowed.

To determine if this rule applies we need to determine if a 1/4 turn T-Jump is a “Jump Skill”. The definition of Jump Skill is:

A skill which involves a change in body position during a jump. i.e. toe touch, pike, etc…

That definition addresses the T-Jump part, but not the 1/4 turn part. The 1/4 turn part is addressed in the definition of “Jump Turn”, which states:

Any turn that is added to a jump. A “straight jump” with a turn does not make the jump a “jump skill”.

This definition clearly states the turn alone does not make it a Jump Skill, making it so Standing Tumbling C doesn’t apply, leading to the skill being legal. A similar process would lead to a 1/4 Turn T-Jump Back Tuck being legal in Level 4.

Note – The information in this article is based on the August 27, 2015 release of the rules.