Clarification – L1 Pick Up Half Turns

This clarification is a follow up to one of our earlier quizzes about pick up 1/2 turns. The quiz results showed variety in what was voted as being illegal, probably due to an exception being added to the rules this season.

Previously the pick up 1/2 turn shown below was illegal in Level 1 for being a stunt that twisted more than 1/4 (L1 Stunts C).

This season an exception was added stating:

1/2 twist is allowed if the top person starts and ends on performing surface and is only supported at the waist and does not require an additional spotter.

This exception makes the video above and variations coming from a knee and/or kicking, as shown below, legal in Level 1.

The arm in arm version below is illegal in Level 1. The top person is not “only supported at the waist” so it doesn’t qualify for the exception, making it illegal per L1 Stunts C.

Note – The information in this article is based on the August 27, 2015 release of the rules.