Clarification – L1 Sequence

The correct answer to the L1 Sequence quiz is Legal in L1. A prep level liberty in level 1 requires the following minimally:

  1. A flyer
  2. A base
  3. A spotter
  4. A bracer

In this video example there is not one person that fulfills two required positions simultaneously. In the prep level two legged stunt, the girl in orange was the required spotter.  When it transitioned to the prep level one legged stunt, the girl in orange becomes the required  bracer and the girl in teal becomes the legal spotter because she meets the spotter definition. As the stunt transitions from a two legged stunt to a one legged prep level stunt, each REQUIRED role is filled by a separate person:  The girl in teal is the legal spotter, the girl in gray is the base, and the girl in orange is the legal bracer.