Clarification – Pyramid Arabians

This clarification is a follow up to one of our earlier quizzes about Pyramid Arabians.

The skill is first legal in Level 5. In Level 4 it’s clear the skill is illegal for not having 2 bracers (L4 Pyramids H1). In Youth 5 and Restricted 5 the skill is illegal for being a pyramid inversion with a twist (Pyramids E2). The argument against that being the correct call is the skill twists, then flips, but doesn’t do both at the same time.

The counter to that argument is both the twist and flip occur during the pyramid release move and the rules limits the release skills to 1 1/4 flip with 0 twist. The alternate counter is if the skills are truly separated enough to be considered 2 separate skills while released from the bases, it would be a 2 1/2 high pyramid and illegal (Pyramids B).

Note – The information in this article is based on the August 27, 2015 release of the rules.