Post Season Update

As we transition to the 2016-17 season we’ll be taking a short break. We’re working on the rules clarifications for the 2016-17 season and expect them to be ready before the first Regional Convention June 10-11. The Regional Conventions are the best place for rules education, so please plan on attending one of them. More information, including dates and locations, can be found on

Replying to emails sent to will be on hold until June 15. 2016. At that time we’ll begin replying based on the 2016-17 rules. If you send an email before June 15th it will be held and replied to at that time. You may also contact Ali Stangle at for general safety questions until that time (no videos please). Please contact your USASF Regional Director for any questions non-legality related.

Finally, we’ll restart the quizzes at the end of summer.