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2017-18 USASF Cheer Rules & Age Grid

The USASF has released the 2017-2018 Cheer Rules, Age Grid, and Program Definition.

2016-17 Rules Quizzes

Rules Quizzes will resume today. Quizzes will be posted on Tuesdays with answers posted on Fridays. If you would like to receive an email every time we publish a quiz or the answer, or anything else, please use the “Subscribe Via Email” area in the column to the right.

USASF Cheer Rules are Posted

Dear USASF Members:

The final 2016-17 USASF Cheer Rules, Age Grid and Explanations are available online now!

Click Here to view.

USASF Legality Review Update

Dear USASF Members:

It’s important to our Rules Teams that the USASF provide quick and accurate legality interpretations for our cheer and dance members. Over the last few years, we have received an increasing number of legality questions from non-members, which effects our efficiency in serving our members in a timely manner.

While the USASF is in favor of anyone using our rules that feels that following them provides a safer framework for competitive cheer and dance, our first responsibility for understanding and adhering to the rules is to our members. So, effective today, anyone who submits a legality review request to the USASF will be required to provide a USASF Gym/Studio Membership number and a USASF Coach Membership number with their submission. Emails received after today that do not include the required information will not receive a response. The process for submission is not changing at this time, just the requirements for submission.

We’re committed to upholding the core principles of the USASF mission that center on providing consistent rules and striving for a safe environment for our athletes. Our focus is on our members first.

Thank you for your continued support!

U.S. All Star Federation

2016-17 USASF Cheer Rules

The USASF Cheer Rules Committee has released the updated rules for 2016-2017 season. Click the links below to download.

2016-17 USASF Cheer Rules
This document contains the updated rules for 2016-17.

2016-2017 USASF Cheer Rule Change Breakdown
This document is a brief synopsis of the changes and justifications for each change.

Post Season Update

As we transition to the 2016-17 season we’ll be taking a short break. We’re working on the rules clarifications for the 2016-17 season and expect them to be ready before the first Regional Convention June 10-11. The Regional Conventions are the best place for rules education, so please plan on attending one of them. More information, including dates and locations, can be found on

Replying to emails sent to will be on hold until June 15. 2016. At that time we’ll begin replying based on the 2016-17 rules. If you send an email before June 15th it will be held and replied to at that time. You may also contact Ali Stangle at for general safety questions until that time (no videos please). Please contact your USASF Regional Director for any questions non-legality related.

Finally, we’ll restart the quizzes at the end of summer.

2015-17 USASF Cheer Rules Update II

An updated PDF version of the 2015-17 Cheer Rules is now available. The date on this release is January 1, 2016. This version combines the updates announced as the December 2015 update with the previous PDF version, dated August 27, 2015.

Cheer Rules Update – December 2015

Dear USASF Cheer Coaches and Owners:

When updated cheer rules are released during each cycle, the Rules Committee monitors the Safety Judge reporting from events and the videos submitted for legality review, to determine if any clarifications or changes need to be made to help members understand the intent of a rule and/or to protect athletes from unforeseen safety concerns.

Following the release of the cheer rules in August, 2015, the Rules Committee has met multiple times each month to ensure that the rules are clear, easily understood by members, and meet the priority of athlete safety. During these reviews, the committee has noticed some areas that need further clarification to improve safety, interpretation and consistency.

The items in red in the Rule Update document (link below) indicate the adjustments that were made to the rules release from August 2015. We do not anticipate that these updates will effect many of our members, however, if your routine has any skills that might be in question, we encourage coaches to submit a video to the USASF for legality review to:

If you have any further questions regarding the adjustments please email Alison Stangle, Cheer Director of Rules and Safety at:

Read the Rule Update here

2015-16 Age Grid – Dated October 15, 2015

As announced on, the Age Grid was re-released with the size of prep team highlighted in blue, indicating it was a change.

With many gyms readying to roster their Cheer Prep teams for the 2015-16 season, we thought it prudent to remind everyone that the maximum number of participants permitted on a Cheer Prep team is 32. This has been noted in blue highlight on the USASF Cheer Age Grid and was updated during the summer months. Per the Age Grid, the only divisions with a higher maximum number of teams members are those noted at Levels 5 and 6. Click here to view the 2015-16 Cheerleading Age Grid.

This version of the Age Grid will show a revision date of 10/15/15.

Clarification – Back Handspring Ups

Back Handspring Ups to extended level, as shown in the video below, are first legal in Level 4. In Level 3 you can neither release from an inverted position (L3 Stunts I2) nor release to an extended position (L3 Stunts I3), but both of these restrictions are loosened in Level 4. Level 4 allows release moves from an inverted position (L4 Stunts I2) and release moves to extended position from waist level or below (L4 Stunts I4), therefore Back Handspring Ups to extended position are allowed in Level 4. Please keep in mind release moves to extended level may not twist in Level 4, so please don’t perform a twisting variation of the skill in the video.

Note – The information in this article is based on the August 27, 2015 release of the rules.