Dance Questions

The email address is only intended for rulings on videos regarding the USASF dance rules. Every email sent to this address should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL. To get a reply your email must include the age group, category, and a video following the guidelines below. Questions regarding cheer skills should be sent to and follow the guidelines on Emails regarding any other topic should be directed toward your Regional Director ( and will not receive a response from this email address beyond the automatic reply.

It usually takes about a week for replies and most replies will be sent mid-week due to the travel schedules of the officials that can reply. Response time is likely to increase leading up to major events due to the volume of inquiries, so please be patient and plan accordingly.

General Guidelines & Reminders:

  • Every email should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL.
  • Videos should be filmed specifically for the purpose of getting a ruling.
  • Videos must be of your team in a practice environment.
  • Videos must be of a single skill or sequence.
  • Videos from competitions, of more than one skill or sequence, or believed to be of other teams will not receive a reply.
  • Video must be of exactly what you want a ruling on. We will not rule on a portion of a video, based on a description, or based on a video with a description of a difference.
  • If you have questions regarding multiple skills they should be sent in separate emails. Sending multiple angles of the same skill in a single email is allowed, but a separate email is required for each different skill.
  • We can only tell you a skill is LEGAL or ILLEGAL for a specific division/category along with citing the rule violated. We will not assist with changing choreography.
  • We only rule on the legality of the skill in the video, not the participants.
  • Our ruling is only valid if the skill is performed the same way in the video as at the event. If called on a skill we said was legal, then the safety judge or official at the event should point out the difference.
  • Don’t ask us to call, text, or contact you via any method other than email. We cannot give official replies via text, Facebook, Twitter, our personal email accounts, or any other non-USASF method.
  • Please watch the video before sending it in to make sure it’s a clear. We’ve received several videos that we couldn’t rule on due to something that would have been obvious if the video was watched in advance, such as the view being blocked by a finger of the camera holder.
  • It is your responsibility to have the original email containing the ruling with you at events. This specifically means the email directly from not a forwarded version of an email from