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Athlete Behavior
(For floor entrance and exit examples, see below)

  1. Athletes of teams at The Cheerleading Worlds are expected to exhibit the utmost of sportsmanship, respect and support throughout the entire event.
    There are increasing concerns that a high standard of “decorum” is not being followed consistently by all teams in the performance venue at performance time, and also by some gym members/fans viewing the routine.
    To see examples of acceptable and unacceptable floor entrances and exits, please visit:
    To address these concerns the Cheerleading Worlds will follow the policies written below:
  1. When teams are introduced, they are expected to take the floor within a 30 second window and assume the starting position for their routine. At the conclusion of the routine, competitors are expected to exit the performance floor immediately, again within a 30 second window of time.
  2. From the time the team is announced the protocol to entering and leaving the competition floor is expected to reflect a “team” environment.
  3. Actions that exhibit excessive boasting, a delay in competition, poor sportsmanship, unprofessional behavior, etc. may be penalized for by event judges. These actions may include, but are not limited to, things such as:
  1. Taunting another team. Taunting may be defined as the use of baiting or taunting acts of words that engender ill will between teams.
  2. An athlete calling unnecessary attention to her/himself (i.e. high 5’s, chest bumps, etc.)
  3. Excessive pre or post competition team rituals (team bonding traditions must take place behind the stage area)
  4. Displays of public affection
  5. Running the perimeter of the performance floor (like a “victory” lap)
  6. Stepping outside of the floor bounds to approach coaching staff, crowd members and/or other members of the audience
  7. Excessive celebration (i.e. athletes wrapping their legs around coaches and/or each other, victory dances, etc.). Any prolonged, excessive, or premeditated celebration by individual athletes or a group of athletes while on the competition floor.
  8. Coaching staff, parents, fans and/or other members of the performing gym taking the performance floor before, during or after a performance (unless in direct response to an obvious athlete injury). The only people allowed on the performance floor are the competitors and competition personnel
  9. Athletes collapsing to the floor following a performance when an injury does not seem apparent.
  • It will be assumed that any athlete who is not able to maintain a standing position is in need of medical attention and will be treated as such.
  • Teams will be assessed a 2.0, 4.0 or 6.0 point penalty for exhibiting unsportsmanlike, unprofessional, disrespectful and/or unsupportive behavior. The amount of the penalty will be determined by the competition officials.

Floor Entrance Examples

No cause for infraction or timer to start:

Organized movement causing start of timer:

March Out (creating an infraction):

Director (immediate infraction)