An airborne stunt where base(s) execute a throwing motion initiated from waist level to increase the height of the top person. The top person becomes free from all contact of bases, bracers and/or other top persons. The top person is free from performing surface when toss is initiated (ex: basket toss or sponge toss). Note: Toss to hands, toss to extended stunts and toss chair are NOT included in this category. (See Release Moves).

Twisting Tosses: Twisting is cumulative. All twisting up to 1 1/4 is considered 1 skill, exceeding 1 1/4 up to 2 1/4 is two skills. ie. A 1/2 twist, X, 1/2 twist is considered 2 skills: 1 full twist and 1 additional skill.


There may be additional variations of this skill. Please send all skills to the USASF to ensure the skill you are performing is legal for the division and level in which you are competing.