Two and One Half (2-1/2) – High Pyramid

A pyramid in which the top person(s) has weight bearing support (not braced) by at least one other top person and is free of contact from the base(s). Pyramid height for a “Two and One Half High Pyramid” is measured by body lengths as follows: chairs, thigh stands and shoulder straddles are 11⁄2 body lengths; shoulder stands are 2 body lengths; extended stunts (i.e. extension, liberty, etc.) are 2 1⁄2 body lengths.

“Above Two and One Half (2 1/2) High Pyramid” is a partially/fully upright prep level Middle Layer holding a fully upright prep level stunt. Exception: 2 1/2 high chairs are considered 2 1/2 high pyramids.


There may be additional variations of this skill. Please send all skills to the USASF to ensure the skill you are performing is legal for the division and level in which you are competing.