Routine Interuption


Routine Stoppage

  1. The only individuals that may stop a routine for injury are:
  1. Competition Officials
  2. Gym Owner/Coach from the team performing
  3. Injured Individual
  4. USASF Certified Safety Judge
  • An injured athlete may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability to hold, support, spot or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if:
  1. An athlete is clearly injured.
  2. An athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within 5 seconds of questionable injury.
  3. An athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury.
  • In the event that a routine is interrupted due to injury, it will be at the Competition Officials’ discretion whether or not that team will be allowed to perform again at a later time.

Athlete Returning to Competition

  1. An Injured Participant may not return to the competition floor unless the competition officials receive clearance from all of the representatives listed below:
  1. Event Medical Personnel attending to that participant
  2. Parent/Guardian (if present)
  3. Head Coach/Gym Owner of competing team
  • In the event of a suspected head injury, the participant cannot return to perform without clearance from a licensed medical professional that has training related to head injuries.

Team Performance
In the event that a team is allowed to perform again following a routine interruption, the new performance time will be at the sole discretion of the Competition Official. The team must (pending the injury’s impact on the routine) perform the routine again in its entirety, but judging will resume from the point at which the injury/interruption occurred as determined by the judges. All skills must be performed full-out from the beginning of the routine. All point deductions accumulated to that point (if any) will carry over.

If a team is permitted to perform again, but fails to perform the routine in its entirety (example: throwing back tucks instead of the full twist thrown in the original performance), it is at the discretion of the Competition Official how that team’s scores will be affected.