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Quiz – L4 Prep Liberty to Pancake

For this week’s quiz we’re looking at Level 4 Pancakes. The quiz will be open until Friday.

This quiz has closed. See below for the answer and results.

Answers & Results

The correct answer to the Prep Release to Prone quiz is the skill is Not Legal in Any Level. The poll results were:

  • Legal in Level 4 – 163 Votes
  • Illegal in Level 4 – 172 Votes

The explanation is available here.

This ruling and explanation are based on the 2016-17 version of the rules dated August 31, 2016.

Legal L4 Pancake Example

Here is an example of a LEGAL Pancake in Level 4. Although the transition passes above prep level, it starts as a 2 leg, prep level stunt and a base maintains contact with both legs throughout the transition. In addition, the top person rotates through inverted enough to finish in a non-inverted position.

Safety Judges are instructed to look at the base’s arms to determine if the skill is legal.
LEGAL – Continuous motion of the base’s arms is legal.
ILLEGAL – Stalling above the head makes this a downward inversion from extended level and a level 5 skill.

If the safety judge was to only watch the top person, most of these skills would appear illegal.

Video courtesy of Champion Allstars