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Clarification – Cradle with “Spotter Grip”

This clarification is a follow up to one of our earlier quizzes about cradling from a prep with what has become known as the “Spotter Grip”. The results to that quiz showed most voters selecting Level 2, followed by the second most voters selecting Level 6, the correct answer.

Previously, the male having his front hand under the foot and back hand on the back of the ankle, aka the “spotter grip”, would have met the definition of spotter. The updated definition of spotter makes both supporting athletes bases, leaving the stunt without a spotter, making the stunt (prior to the cradle) illegal in Level 1 (L1 Stunts A1). The stunt (prior to the cradle) is legal in Level 2 and higher as prep level stunts don’t require spotters in these levels.

Since the stunt is a multi-base stunt, the cradle must follow the multi-based stunt cradle rule for Levels 1-5 (Dismounts B), which requires 2 catchers and a spotter. The cradle as performed in the video does not follow this rule, making it illegal in Levels 1-5. Level 6 doesn’t have a similar multi-based stunt dismount rule, making the cradle legal in Level 6.