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Clarification – Arabesque to Cradle Position

The correct answer to the Arabesque to Cradle Position quiz is the skill is Illegal in Level 2. As performed in the video, the back under one foot of the top person while the top is above his head. This makes the skill an extended single let stunt, which is not allowed in Level 2 (Stunts B1).

The video below, with the back on both ankles of the top person instead of being under the top person’s foot, is a version that is Legal in Level 2.

This ruling and explanation are based on the 2016-17 version of the rules dated August 31, 2016.

Quiz – Arabesque to Cradle Position

For this week’s quiz we’re visiting Level 2. The quiz will be open until Friday.

This quiz has closed. See below for the answer and results.


Pendulum restrictions were removed from the 2013-14 rules, making many more pendulum style transitions legal than in the past. You still need to be conscious of landing inverted and passing through an illegal stunt (such as passing above a prep level 2 leg stunt in Level 1 or passing above prep level as a 1 leg stunt in Level 2), but there is no longer a required number of catchers or the overthrow catcher.

Legal L4 Pancake Example

Here is an example of a LEGAL Pancake in Level 4. Although the transition passes above prep level, it starts as a 2 leg, prep level stunt and a base maintains contact with both legs throughout the transition. In addition, the top person rotates through inverted enough to finish in a non-inverted position.

Safety Judges are instructed to look at the base’s arms to determine if the skill is legal.
LEGAL – Continuous motion of the base’s arms is legal.
ILLEGAL – Stalling above the head makes this a downward inversion from extended level and a level 5 skill.

If the safety judge was to only watch the top person, most of these skills would appear illegal.

Video courtesy of Champion Allstars